Leadership is a critical component of any organization, but it can be especially challenging in fast-paced, high-stress environments. Leaders should be able to motivate their team members, make decisions under pressure and solve difficult situations. Statistics tell us that 58% of managers claim that they never went through management training, but acquired skills through experience.

This is why Q2 will be marked by our new leadership programs, through which we encourage progress toward the further development of specific skills that make the difference between good and excellent leaders.

For you, we highlight programs that support the continuous development of leaders in three different directions:

Leadership 2.1 


march – april 2023.
Vladimir Borovnica, Marina Delić, Ana Delić i Eva Velimirović

Four modules with a focus on self-empowerment of leaders and successful management of teams

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Leading with Candor


24-25. april 2023.
Viktor Haimov

The power of honest and open leadership makes room for clearer communication, better cooperation and better team functioning.

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Masters of knowledge – new coaching skills program

may – june 2023.
Eva Velimirović, Veselin Vasiljković, Marina Delić, Vladimir Borovnica, Petar Kosovac

It’s enough to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW, that way you have the potential for others in the team to find out.

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Contact us for more information and registration at trening@tacktmiglobal.com.
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