Our Approach

In the fast-paced world with constant changes, one of the main challenges that organizations face is to find the proper way to quickly and succesfully (re)skill and support employees in order to respond to their and company’s needs.

One of the most proven methods to do so is to enable employees to learn by doing,trying and experimenting in a safe environment, complemented by the act of reflection. But it is not easy to find such opportunities in everyday work, especially with high expectations and pressure of achieving ambitious goals.

Therefore, at Tack TMI we support employees, teams and organizations to reach their true potential through our experiential learning solutions. With different LIVE and ONLINE activities, games, teambuilding initiatives and workshopswe simulate conditions and situations similar to the ones which learners face on their everyday jobs. By doing so, we keep participants engaged – intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially or physically on topics which are important to them and company.

To make sure that the learning sticks, the entire process is followed by reflection, discussion, action and change – in the form of new skills, behaviors, mindsets or practices.


Each organization is different and in order to create a program that is completely tailor-made for you and that aims at achieving predefined goals, we design the entire process in 4 phases (using our RALF model):

  1. Recognizing needs and define the goal
    In order to spark desired change firstly we have to ensure that we understand existing situation and needs of the Client. Also, being aware of the company’s culture, values and global goals helps us to accurately define the desired outcome of the program.
  1. Assessing the participants and create the program
    Once we define the goal, now it is time to ensure that the program is completely adjusted and the right one for the participants. By analyzing previous training and team building experiences, conducting surveys among employees and through combination of different types of formal and informal activities we can be sure the program will suit the participants.
  1. Launching the program
    Being present on the market for over 10 years in eambuilding industry has helped us to create long-lasting professional relationships with various experts in their fields (musicians, movie creators, motivational speakers, craftsmen, etc.), majority of the hotels and other working spaces. These partnerships helps us to propose the most suitable option to your needs, but also to offer you the best possible conditions.Choosing the right combination of activities is essential, but selection of the right trainer is also very important. All our trainers have extensive market knowledge, various business experience and proven record of developing people. Our activities, workshops and teambuilding events are tailor-made and facilitated by the best-match trainer according to the needs of the group.
  1. Follow-up the process
    We truly believe in continuous learning and that is why our experiential learning events are always combined with non-formal learning activities. This way we support your people to transfer and implement new learnings to their day to day work.Our most popular follow up activities include: video, audio and text materials, follow-up workshops, coaching, mobile apps, LMS platforms, and brain-teasing games.

Our Services

For many companies organization of the teambuilding event can be challenging and very often it depends on different factors, such as topic and goal of the event, participants’ needs, defined budget, event length and complexity, etc.

In order to provide relevant and much needed support to our Clients, and depending on the required ways of our engagement, we have developed multiple levels of services regarding experiential learning:

  1. Entire organization and facilitation of the event – In consultation with you we create teambuilding agenda from the scratch and take care of every aspect – from transportation and accommodation of the participants to the logistical on-site elements, along with the hosting and facilitation of the event.
  1. Facilitation of specific activities and workshops – For all types of occasions, such as kick-off events, yearly gatherings, sector meetings, company days, and management sessions we support you by proposing and facilitating adequate team activities aligned with the event’s goal.
  1. Leasing training materials and manuals – Sometimes the most appropriate option for creating better team synergy and relatedness is that some of your employees or colleagues from HR department facilitate the activities. In these situations we can provide necessary materials and training course for the facilitators.


Each team has unique goals and development needs. In order to appropriately respond to those specifics we have a large pool of activities which we use as a base for creating the appropriate program. All our experiential learning initiatives have a goal to inspire participants, but in a different and interesting way that will stay in the memory of participants for a long time. We aim to encourage them to make the first step in the desired direction of development. In alignment with that all our teambuilding events consists of different approaches and types of activities and in agreement with you we choose the right combination:

  • Ready, steady, go
    Short activities that quickly motivate participants and engage them into working on the teambuilding topic.
  • Lightbulb-moment
    Fun and logical games and activities in which teams work on generating new ideas, solving problems, unveiling team strengths, or gaining insights into specific team development areas.
  • Creative workshops
    Activities where you creatively work your way up to team synergy and better understanding of others, bring team values to life, experiment, and innovate. You can cook, play music instruments, be a craftsman, record videos and your own songs… and definitely have great fun doing so.
  • Agility & Deftness
    Build trust and strengthen your team through specially designed challenges: activities adjusted to fit your team aspirations (sports, adrenalin challenges, traditional games, custom-made series of games, etc.).
  • Treasure hunt
    Explore, reveal and feel different environments, cultures, cities, and regions. Learn something new about yourself as well as your colleagues by discovering new tastes and customs, meeting locals, reading secret maps and decoding the ciphers.
  • Team analysis tools
    Use the certified instruments to understand the team better. Estimate the development phase of your team, team roles, team culture, values, efficiency, trust, result-orientation and the relationships among team members using the internationally acknowledged and in practice proven tools.
  • Simulations
    Globally proven business simulations that help develop different kinds of organizations and teams (remote, cross functional, project, sales). Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, create a plan with others, improve the processes and assign responsibilities.
  • Skills development
    Specially designed interactive training modules which help teams and individuals improve their understanding and skills related to various business situations: teamwork, communication, change management, conflict management, inter-sectoral cooperation, leadership, efficiency, responsibility, initiative, etc.
  • Facilitation
    Our consultants support your team in the process of defining, improving and developing priorities, approaches to work, processes, and relationships. We create the environment full of trust and define the pillars for the efficient way of achieving results.


In a safe learning environment, during experiential learning, we encourage different communication styles and opinions, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making to help participants bond with their colleagues, discover new things about themselves and their peers, and make them be sure that they really are in the right team with a desire for new successes.

Other than this, our approach also gives a number of various benefits to companies, teams and individuals:

  • Better communication
    Employees, especially those who are not used to working together or working remotely, are given the opportunity to take part together in group tasks and work as a team,  to personally experience the importance of good communication, as well as to experiment, test and define new routes of successful cooperation.
  • Increased work enthusiasm
    If you provide your team with a chance to  relax together and get out of their daily work routine, by taking care of their needs, you are on a safe road to improve their working enthusiasm, and increase their productivity through a feeling that they are not only employees, but also an important part of the team and company as a person.
  • Higher level of motivation
    Connecting with colleagues in different environment, achieving success through teambuilding activities, as well as the feeling that the company is ready to invest in their development, improves confidence and self motivation of employees.
  • Improved results
    When employees get to understand each other better, once they become aware that they can work together more effectively and try different useful approaches and methods, as a result team will become more productive than it has used to be. Less time will be spent on correcting mistakes, while assigning future tasks can be arranged more in line with each employee’s preferences and potential.
  • New ideas and increased creativity
    Leaving usual working environment very often sparks creativity among employees, inspiring them to use imagination while achieving their goals. Well-managed processes and proven methods for generating ideas help employees realize that creativity is desirable in a workplace, and gives them a different perspective on the everyday tasks.
  • Stronger trust between colleagues
    A group of people without established trust is not a team, but individuals working together. Getting to know people you work with is critical for developing mutual trust and understanding. Well-chosen set of activities aims at creating, as well as transferring trust into the working environment.
  • Healthier relations and cooperation among team members
    Team building activities provide employees with an opportunity to work all together on a task they haven’t experienced before, where quickly developed relations and newly acquired skills are critical elements in achieving goals.
  • Fostering problem solving culture
    Through experiential learning employees are able to practice identifying obstacles while designing and testing solutions to overcome them. Solving problems together while developing awareness of what resources and expertise each employee can offer presents one of the most important aspects of effective team.
  • Higher profit on long term
    When they are given a sense of greater involvement and belonging, the best people stay in the company. Once employees are more aware and focused on the company’s mission and it’s values, they are additionally empowered, and also ready to achieve more with less guidance.
  • Lower fluctuation of employees
    Employees who enjoy support from their employers and colleagues, develop a sense of pride and passion about their job role, which leads to their stronger connection with the company and desire to be a part of it for a long time.

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Assess your team

To focus on the real development needs of a team with a higher level of certainty we have provided you with the questionnaire which helps you analyze current team strengths and which team aspects can be improved. This questionnaire is part of the TEAMSHIP program which we have developed and which is implemented in more than 60 countries worldwide.

This questionnaire aims to help you evaluate current teamwork culture in your team.

On the following link you can fill in the questionnaire and we will get back to you shortly with the results.



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