Tack TMI Adria

For almost 20 years we have been operating in the region. We have a direct presence in the market through our offices in Belgrade, Podgorica, and Zagreb with more than 80 employees and associates.

We provide innovative and research-based HR products, consulting, and training services in the Adriatic region covering Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

Our story started back in 2002 as Consulteam with a small enthusiastic team in Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, we have become bigger and better each year. In 2004 we entered the Croatian market with our office in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2006, we opened our office in Montenegro. In 2013 Consulteam became OD&M Consulting, a brand of Gi Group. With Gi Group we became truly global!

In 2016 Gi Group acquired Tack TMI, and within the next year we won the best Tack TMI company among the global network of nearly 60 countries.

Today, as Tack TMI Adria, we deliver a unique blend of innovative, flexible, and reliable global solutions combined with local expertise. Our competitive edge is a reliable and proven ability to quickly and effectively respond to the constantly changing demands in the Human Capital Management arena.

As a preferred partner in HR Consulting, Assessment and Training and Development services, we excel in providing our clients:

  • Rich toolkit of quality, research-based HR solutions
  • Extensive subject matter expertise
  • World-class consultants, trainers, and facilitators
  • Unrivalled commitment to deliver tangible results
  • Unmatched passion – we are driven by your aspirations

Our Values

WE CARE – We are the trusted global partner you can count on to bring out your potential.

PEOPLE FIRST – We work to ensure that people and organizations overcome their challenges by obtaining excellent results.

PEOPLE MATTER MOST – Because the emotional development of individuals is the secret of transformation.


At Tack TMI, as a Gi Group company, we feel responsible and are passionate to make our contribution count to the economy, society, and the environment in which we operate. Our group’s goal is to ensure that all activities of our business consistently operate according to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) core principles.

The level of influence that a company has on its CSR is driven by the nature of the industry in which it operates. This is why our CSR is focused on:

  • Strengthening individuals and assisting them to achieve their potential
  • Supporting civil, educational and cultural organizations excel in their missions
  • Capability building for youth and students
  • Recognizing and helping the less visible groups of people in our society

Join us in our mission and be the source of change!  office@tacktmiglobal.com

Our Team

Marina Delic

Marina Delic

Head of Learning & Development Solutions

Contact Marina

Veselin Vasiljkovic

Veselin Vasiljkovic

Head of Innovation and business development

Contact Veselin

Ana Delic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Ana

Snezana Isakovic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Snezana

Jelena Djurdjevic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Jelena

Hristina Pesic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Hristina

Ksenija Covic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Ksenija

Nelica Bogunovic

Senior HR Consultant

Contact Nelica

Ana Kotevski

Marketing Coordinator

Contact Ana

Milica Jakovljevic

Training Coordinator

Contact Milica

Nenad Todorovic

Learning journey Consultant

Contact Nenad

Bojana Nikolic

Experiential learning Consultant

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We are truly global

Tack TMI Adria belongs to the powerful Tack TMI global network with the presence in 55+ countries, with more than 800 Consultants, Trainers, Facilitators, and Instructional Designers, each bringing unique expertise in Tack TMI specialist areas.

With over 110 years combined experience and expertise, Tack TMI is the trusted global partner to some of the world’s leading organizations.

Since 2016 Tack TMI has been a part of the global multi-national company Gi Group, headquartered in Milan, complementing it’s wide range of HR-related services. As a trusted global partner, we are proud to have made a positive impact on millions of people and countless major companies around the world.

If you are interested to find out more about our global network, visit the Tack TMI Global website.

To learn more about Gi Group, visit the website at www.gigroup.com.

Address: Maglajska 10, Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 440 5000
Mail: office@tacktmiglobal.com
Address: Moskovska 111, Podgorica
Tel: +382 20 665 555
Mail: iva.vukotic@tacktmiglobal.com
Address: Gajeva 2b, Zagreb
Tel: +385 17 980 320
Mail: maja.markovic@tacktmiglobal.com
CONTACT US BY PHONE +381 11 440 5004
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