Tack TMI is a unique blend of innovative, flexible and reliable global solutions combined with local expertise.

Our goal is to support organizations in managing people and developing their potential, with the help of empirically based innovative HR products, consulting services and training.

We build strong partnerships with our clients by providing a professional service that supports their success.

You have global experience and knowledge, a team of experienced domestic and international consultants, a large number of tools and modern methodologies that help you initiate real change at your disposal – apply strategy in practice, effectively direct employee development and adjust internal processes to suit your needs.

Our training programs are based on active learning and support in the rapid application of what has been learned. For the successful implementation of our development initiatives and training, we have a team made up of consultants, experts from different specialties, and coaches with the broad market knowledge and extensive business experience.

You can realize the development service through:

  • Consulting approach in working with companies
  • In-house training
  • Open training programs
  • Specially tailored development initiatives
  • Facilitation of strategic workshops and culture change programs
  • Experiential learning – team buildings
  • Individual coaching
  • Development Academies


Helping organisations deliver world-class service experiences that go beyond their customers’ expectations.

All Customer Experience Solutions can be tailored to your business and designed specifically for your people and your organisation.

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Inspire and motivate teams to achieve more.

Great leaders deliver results. They know how to organize, motivate and inspire their teams to deliver results. They provide vision, instill confidence and sweep away obstacles that may get in the way.

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Win new business. Maximise revenues. Retain customers.

Our Sales Excellence solutions develop the skills, know-how and confidence your salespeople need to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive sales environment.

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Develop the skills your people and your business need to be successful tomorrow, today.

Improve the personal effectiveness of your employees by developing the skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed.

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Navigate through your transformation journey. 

Great companies are the product of great cultures. Tack TMI take a holistic approach to any change initiative, factoring in structures, processes and capabilities as well as the critical human side of transformation.

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Take ownership of health and safety. 

Empower and enable sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance

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Each organization is unique and differs in its structure, organizational culture as well as channels and style of communication. Therefore, each development solution must be unique. Our team of consultants in cooperation with your key experts creates a development process that best suits the specifics of the organization and ensures that the concepts are best implemented in practice. These processes can range from simple combinations of compatible training modules to complex and long-term development academies.

Our Learning Journey processes are distinguished by a Blended Learning approach that ensures flexibility, accessibility and interactivity of content.

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