Leading with Candor is about expressing your truth, openly and honestly, and about creating an environment where others feel safe to do so. But candor only is not enough, it needs to be coupled with Care.


Candor can be a catalyst of innovation and higher productivity.
It leads to addressing issues in a timely manner and creating solutions


Candor with care can help strengthen relationships and build more connection and trust, which is a critical asset, even more so in the disconnected, remote workplace of today.


Leading with Candor can boost the engagement and contribution of everyone, as they can show up authentically and bring their whole selves to work.


Why Candor?


  • How do we get in our way of telling the truth?
  • Navigating relationships from a place of “I am Ok and you are Ok”, i.e. my truth is legitimate and your truth is legitimate;
  • The building blocks of candor: facts, feelings, films – learning to discern and communicate those;
  • Staying candid, even when the other side “plays power”;
  • Becoming a hot spot for candor with care;
  • Creating psychological safety, so others can express openly their truth.




  • An opportunity to explore own barriers to leading with candor and ways of overcoming those barriers.
  • Tools and practices that will help you lead with candor & care in various work-related situations
  • Tips and commitment to create a “bull-shit free zone” (coined by the author of “Radical Candor”), where others can also express their truth, openly and responsibly.



Short inputs, plenty of examples, applying tools and getting feedback, learning from the live experience during the program, space for self-reflection + a variety of resources, and learning prompts outside of the classroom.





This is a two-day program, with pre-work and an assignment in between sessions, followed up by a 90min Online Action Learning Set module, after the training.


Viktor Haimov

Viktor Haimov is an experienced and talented facilitator. He is passionate about helping people create the lives they most want for themselves: incl. relationships, career, purpose, personal leadership, work-life balancing, etc.

For the past 24 years, he has been partnering with organizations from various industries that want to build or reshape their leadership culture and potential towards more participation and empowerment, more agility, continuous improvement, and more integrity and wholeness. He has himself led teams and projects in various organizations and geographies.

Currently, he is running his own enterprise from his laptop, which mostly resides in Bern, Switzerland. Vikotr’s path so far went from the zone of being Careful all the way to the zone of being Candid, and only lately is he comfortably operating the zone of Candor with Care. He is continuously working on the development of coaching culture and emotionally intelligent leadership and relationship development within organizations.

Victor’s portfolio is rich and besides well-known Swiss brands, it also includes organizations such as PepsiCo, Nespresso, Vinted, Netcetrera, IKEA, and Mondelez.

For more information about the program and the application process, please contact us at trening@tacktmiglobal.com.
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