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19 Sep


Not every manager is a leader. Leaders have a fundamentally different role in the organization.


The training encourages the participants to consider their team, the strengths and development needs, to understand how to adapt their management style to each team member and specific situation. The participants get the opportunity to work on their communication, delegation, feedback and motivation skills in order to lead the employees more successfully and to obtain the expected results more easily.

 Training topics:

  • Balancing leadership and support
  • Levels of development of employees — commitment and competence
  • Situational leadership – which style is adequate for which situation
  • People are not difficult, people are different: DISC personality theory
  • How to use DISC theory to motivate and to enhance communication
  • What motivates people – Herzberg motivation theory
  • What does SCARF model tell us about motivation?
  • What, how and to whom to delegate?
  • Smart delegating – setting a motivating and relevant goal, choosing the right person, preparation, 5P delegation model
  • Feedback as a tool to develop and motivate employees
  • Important rules and the formula for effective feedback


Three 2 hours VILT session


190 EUR, excl. VAT


Maja Markovć Mileusnić, graduate in economics, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of human resources. In addition to creating and holding numerous trainings, Maja also worked in the field of organizational development, leadership development, coaching, selection, various assessments for management and specialist positions. She worked on the reorganization of business processes, systematization and job descriptions for workplaces in companies; assessment and development of talents within the organization; development and implementation of performance management systems and other HR processes within and for different companies.
She is currently in the role of Business Development Manager for Gi Group in Croatia, as a trainer for various leadership topics.

She is a certified coach (CIPD London), and has certificates for using the Hogan and Thomas assessment tools.