60-minutes webinar for over 200 employees


“Health care, the uncertainty that lasts, the desire to live as normally as possible and to respond to everyday challenges, affects our motivation and our mental health. We wanted to give our colleagues encouragement – we are not alone in these dilemmas, the feeling we have, others have as well. In addition, we need some specific tools on how to be good with ourselves in such circumstances, why it is important to take care of ourselves and preserve our health. We found the answer in the lecture “How to be good with yourself”, and the participants from our company confirmed that the approach was appropriate. ” – Marija Blagojevic, HR Manager / Director of Human Resources at Wiener Städtische Insurance


In the years behind us, both as individuals and as team members and as leaders, we have had the opportunity to face a completely different way of working and living. For some, the previous period was a wall that could neither be skipped nor bypassed, but as in any time of crisis, there are exceptions that remain noted as a good example of the company’s response to difficulties showing how to cross this wall. Our cooperation with Wiener Städtische Insurance, through the multi-year program of the Wiener Städtische Academy, accompanied by continuous investment in the knowledge and skills of employees, is a clear indication that this company is determined to further strengthen its values and push the boundaries of its potential.

Certainly, investing in knowledge was just one of the steps by which our joint cooperation provided a different angle of view of care and responsibility towards employees. Comprehensive support also referred to programs that encouraged awareness of the importance of mental health of employees, ie awareness of psychological security and emotional climate that each of us faced during the pandemic crisis.


With the webinar How to be good with yourself, the company showed that everyone is important and that every part is a spiral path of growth, as well as development, which Wiener Städtische osiguranje has been successfully achieving for 18 years in Serbia. In addition to the techniques and tools that were presented as first aid in crisis situations, the content of this webinar provided participants with the opportunity to become aware of their inner points of support and move the point of motivation towards a more constructive view of the reality around us.

With over 200 participants, in the virtual space, this webinar confirmed that caring for employees and their mental health is one of the key indicators that healthy individuals make a healthy and successful company culture.


Confirmation that employees really value this form of support is represented by their impressions


“… I think it’s important, especially at a time like this, to encourage people to look at and think about themselves a little differently in the work environment, which can contribute to initiating other reflections.”

“… I hope that there will be more opportunities like this where we can make reality a little easier for ourselves with the help of new knowledge and techniques.”

“… I felt the lecture was ‘short,’ which means it was great. I’d love it, if opportunities allow for more of this. It means a lot.”

Thank you for taking care of our mental health. I think it was useful, and I personally desperately needed it. I enjoyed. Greetings! ”

“Thank you for the organization. This topic is very interesting and every trick / tool on how to overcome the difficulties of these circumstances is very necessary. “

“It was really useful and interesting and I suggest more frequent webinars like this, because:

  • It gives us guidelines for positive thoughts in times of crisis, which we all have,
  • We get suggestions for good literature, (at least I always wanted to read such books, and I never knew how to make a choice),
  • We draw useful tips for behavior in our business. “


We are grateful to Wiener Städtische Insurance for the opportunity to recognize Tack TMI in the context of nurturing learning and mental health, as a medium through which we communicate trust in expertise and take care of each other by giving the best of ourselves when it comes to support, knowledge, motivation and a joint step towards successfully overcoming challenges and acquiring new skills.

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