Every individual has its own specific ways of reaction, own perception of reality, own ways of dealing with stress and specific habits. As we all know, our habits have impacts on our health, productivity and success, but often creating new and healthy habits is not an easy process. It takes motivation, persistence and preservice and sometimes it is easier to give up and get back to the old ways of behavior. The goal of this training is to make our participants familiar with psychological mechanisms of establishment of the habits, ways and tools that can help them form behavior and activities that influence their feeling of success, satisfaction and efficiency.

 Training topics:

  • Anatomy of habits: what are the habits and how do we create them?
  • The mechanisms of maintenance of healthy and toxic habits (how much time does it take to make a new healthy habit or to change an old bad one)
  • Four steps in the establishment of healthy habits: sign- passion- answer- price
  • How to make a system that can make us succeed every day at least by one 1 %
  • Three levels of behavior: result, process and identity
  • How to overcome the absence of will and motivation
  • Use of tools and ideas in everyday life circumstances


One 2 hours VILT session


80 EUR, excl. VAT


Jelena Djurdjevic

Jelena is a psychologist and psychotherapist by profession under the supervision of the European Association of Systemic Family Therapists. She is an accredited member of the Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia and a facilitator of the Belgrade Analytical Society, where she works in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. Her work places special emphasis on the phenomenon of resilience and on working with people who have survived certain traumatic experiences.

During the psychotherapeutic process, she combines systemic and psychoanalytic modality with clients, depending on the client’s needs.

She is a permanent consultant to the Tack TMI team and actively works with fellow psychologists to create and specifically tailor programs in the areas of stress management, emotional agility, assertive communication, and related areas of the personal growth and development spectrum.