Each of us is unique in terms of our reactions, the way we perceive and interpret reality, handle stress, and, most of all, in terms of our habits. Even though we all know that habits largely affect our health, productivity, success and wellbeing, embracing new and healthy habits is not an easy process. On the contrary, it takes a lot of determination, persistence and motivation, which is why we often give up during this process and go back to the usual behaviour and usual failure. Therefor, the goal of the training is to get the participants acquainted with the psychological mechanisms of habit formation, and also to the ways and tools that can help them to form and maintain behaviours and actions that are likely to improve their personal feeling of satisfaction, efficiency and success.

 Training topics:

  • Habit anatomy – what are habits actually and how are they formed
  • Mechanisms of maintaining good vs. toxic habits (how long does it take to form a good and/or change a bad habit)
  • Four steps of building healthy habits: cue – craving – response – reward
  • How to establish a system that allows us to make a 1% progress every day
  • Three levels of change in behaviour: outcome, process and identity
  • How to overcome lack of will and motivation
  • Implementation of modern tools and ideas in everyday life circumstances


One 2 hours VILT session


105 EUR, excl. VAT


Petar Kosovac, a corporate trainer and coach with extensive global business experience, is currently employed by Hyperoptic as a leader development expert.

For years, he successfully worked as a Marketing Manager for the launch of new services at Telenor, and since 2013, he has dedicated his career to the development and implementation of various training programs. During his many years of experience, Petar has held trainings for leadership, innovation and presentation in Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand.

He has worked as a consultant with companies such as: Coca Cola Hellenic, Strauss Doncafe, Atlantic Group, NIS, Titan, Geodis, FCA, IKEA, His expertise includes the following areas: coaching, leadership and neuroscience, presentation skills, storytelling, innovation, positive impact skills.