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10 Oct



The amount of work and the rate of change have been growing fast enough before we got hit by a global pandemic in 2020. Add to that the element of not being able to communicate or prepare for the latter and managers and team leaders found themselves under tremendous pressure. Amid uncertainty and general stress over reaching the planned results they had to go about introducing new ways of working, resuming the old, introducing the new normal, responding to changes in consumer behaviour.

Supporting managers represents a crucial step towards restoring business results and team success in an unpredictable business climate. This program offers key practises managers should follow to ensure the changes led and implemented in difficult times are received by the employees in the best way possible.

 Training topics:

  • Two sides of business agility today
  • My role as a manager amid changes happening to organisation
  • Key aspects of communicating and leading the change
  • Personal relationship towards change – what if I don’t agree?
  • Detect and tackle employee resistance to change
  • What makes me credible when calling for change?
  • Balancing trust within a team – increasing the experience of trust


Two 2 hours VILT session


150 EUR, excl. VAT


Blanka Lasić is an Organizational development consultant & Trainer. She is dedicated and experienced professional recognized for performance excellence and collaboration with strong consulting mindset service oriented and supported by highly developed skills.

Experienced in delivering leadership, team and professional skills workshops, Blanka is facilitating small and large group processes, coaching individuals and teams, developing and delivering presentations for audiences at all levels of business as well as delivering Presentation skills as a training module. Her key expertise fields are:

  • Training & Facilitation
  • Consulting
  • Public speaking & Moderation
  • Coaching

For the last 12 years, she has been creating and delivering training programs, quickly adapting training plans for client needs, keeping timelines, budgets and desires in mind.

She analyzes and optimizes human resources processes, practices and program initiatives while using diverse teaching materials and motivational approaches to reduce employee learning gaps.