After this interactive and practical training,  participants will come up with a set of methods and techniques of approaching the challenges and ways of defining the needs of the user.


Participants will have the opportunity to see and understand the Design Thinking concept; get acquainted with the 3 basic phases and the main tools used in these phases, which they will be able to use in solving every day and strategic business challenges. Through examples of problem situations from realities that are close to them, participants will have the opportunity to become aware of how to look for solutions to complex problems, to innovate through cooperation, create solutions that are comprehensive with a focus on the needs of all participants in the process. Product or service to market to the end user. After the training, which is extremely interactive and practical, participants will come up with a set of methods and techniques, as well as a generally different concept of approach to solving challenges than those they apply every day, which they will be able to further practice and develop in practice.

 Training topics:

  • What is innovation and why is it especially important today?
  • Design thinking – why is this method the basis of successful business today?
  • Defining the needs of the user – ask the right questions, the right people and draw the right conclusions
  • How to come up with innovative solutions – tools for generating ideas
  • How to develop and test an idea in the most efficient way, with the least expenditure of resources
  • How to get from a great idea to a great product (link between Design Thinking concept and Agile methodology)


Two 2 hours VILT session


110 EUR, excl. VAT


Igor Ivanović, associate of the Tack TMI training team (a Gi Group company) is by profession graduate economist with 20 years of regional experience in marketing in the service industry. His professional focus is on user experience design, primarily through service development and products tailored to the identified needs of end users, structured supply innovation process and accompanying design work process. Igor has extensive practical experience in introduction new, user-oriented ways of working in the traditional way technically oriented business environment, through implementation new methodologies of work, education of employees and change of internal ones process. His skills are very useful in these activities team management, change management and presentation, which is, as well as professional knowledge, active through its many years of practice passed on to his associates. As a team manager who is the main link in several stages of development products and services, Igor has gained a comprehensive understanding and practical experience in establishing efficient business processes from the idea to the release of the final product on the market, with monitoring user feedback and proactive structured implementation of necessary improvements.