Learn how to use Thomas International tools and create over 20 reports that help you in a systematic and professional way to approach the selection of candidates, analysis of job requirements, training and development of employees, assessment of competencies and potentials of employees, and people management.


Tack TMI (a Gi Group company) has been an authorized distributor of Thomas assessment instrument for the territory of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia since 2004.

Thomas International system is a set of instruments consisting of competence assessment questionnaires:

  • DISC instruments – Personal profile analysis, Work analysis, Team culture analysis
  • Test of emotional intelligence as personality trait

Based on these instruments, over 20 reports can be created that will provide you with a systemic and professional approach to candidate selection, work requirements analysis, employee training and development, employee competence and potential assessment, people management.

The experience of our clients shows that these instruments are most useful to managers in the process of motivation and stimulation of employees in their work environment, helping them to encourage self-confidence, enthusiasm and level of commitment of the employees. Some of our clients that are using Thomas instruments in Serbia and Croatia are the following companies: Delhaize, Dr Oetker, SPAR, Telenor, SBB, Valjaonica bakra Sevojno, Hemofarm, Phoenix Pharma, Strabag, Komercijalna banka, Sberbank, Credit Agricole, Wiener Staedtische and others.

 Training topics:

Thomas PPA certification training topics (Personal Profile Analysis and Job Analysis instruments):

  • DISC theory and terminology
  • PPA – profile interpretation
  • Work analysis
  • Applying DISC instruments in the process of regulation and selection
  • Applying DISC instruments in the process of employee development
  • Providing feedbacks


Thomas TEIQue Certification Training Topics (Emotional Intelligence Test as Personality Traits):

  • Defining emotional intelligence – K.V. Petrides
  • TEIQue personality traits
  • Understanding and interpreting TEIQue results
  • Applying TEIQue in the process of employee development
  • Providing feedback


Two 4 hours VILT session


1300 EUR, excl. VAT


Nelica Bogunović is an HR consultant at Tack TMI (a Gi Group company) since 2008 and she is in charge of designing and running development assessment centers, giving feedback to participants and creating development plans. The assessment centers use a variety of assessment tools, including 360-degree feedback. He has experience in managing HR consulting and outplacement projects, as well as 10 years of experience in recruiting and selecting candidates. In addition, he participates in job evaluation and research projects related to human resources topics, such as employee satisfaction and organizational climate. She is a certified trainer in the use of Thomas International staff / candidate assessment tools and conducts training for competency-based interviews. Nelica graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and is involved in coaching and psychotherapy.


Melina Knežević has many years of experience in various industries – in the fields of HR consulting, publishing and communications. She is particularly focused on competency assessments, employee development and coaching.
Melina is an expert in the fields of psychotherapy and psychological counseling, with significant experience in providing support and developing different categories of clients. She is part of Tack TMI’s project-led consulting team, focused on understanding client needs, creating development plans for teams and individuals, as well as competency assessments and competency model development. Melina graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. He is a licensed trainer for the Thomas PPA certification training.