23 Oct
2 days x 3 h 30 min


Leading an interview requires a clear methodology and structure and most importantly, clearly defined criteria for making the right decision.


This program offers a comprehensive overview of corporate standards and employment principles today and uses examples from business practice to help participants improve their skills and master techniques necessary for successful selection of new employees.

Understanding the basic selection criteria and knowing how to ask good questions in all key areas gives participants more self-assurance and confidence to make the right decisions when employing new people or evaluating potential of their employees. This training is a great opportunity for HR managers in areas of people development, recruitment and selection to redefine or improve relevant processes in their companies.

The most palpable benefit of this training is that it leaves participants with clear methodology and structure for leading an interview and most importantly, with clearly defined criteria for making the right decisions.

As a follow-up in the month after the training, each participant will receive support and feedback from one of our consultants for the purpose of conducting an interview with a candidate for a position in their company.

 Training topics:

  • Practices and challenges in candidate selection
  • About competencies and competency-based interviews
  • Right and wrong questions and STAR model
  • Interviewer-candidate relationship
  • Active listening and nonverbal communication
  • Typical interviewing mistakes
  • Evaluation of candidate responses and competencies
  • Exercise: job interview


Two 3 hours VILT session


190 EUR, excl. VAT


Nelica Bogunović is an HR consultant at Tack TMI (a Gi Group company) since 2008 and she is in charge of designing and running development assessment centers, giving feedback to participants and creating development plans. The assessment centers use a variety of assessment tools, including 360-degree feedback. He has experience in managing HR consulting and outplacement projects, as well as 10 years of experience in recruiting and selecting candidates. In addition, he participates in job evaluation and research projects related to human resources topics, such as employee satisfaction and organizational climate. She is a certified trainer in the use of Thomas International staff / candidate assessment tools and conducts training for competency-based interviews. Nelica graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and is involved in coaching and psychotherapy.

Nikoleta Đorđević has been part of the Gi Group team since 2020 and works as a consultant in the field of recruitment and selection. Her experience is based on evaluating and selecting candidates from the lowest operational to the highest managerial positions. Just some of the areas covered are manufacturing, finance, engineering, administration, as well as many others. He is a graduate psychologist and NLP trainer and actively participates in assessment center projects. He is a certified practitioner of Thomas PPA and HPTI tests.