Small doses of great experts

The short form of the webinar is a good way to educate and inspire a large number of employees in your company. The possibility of choosing topics provides perspective and an opportunity to deal with important topics and open issues at the company level. That is why we offer the possibility of creating a custom package of topics.

Thanks to trainers who are experts in their fields, important topics are processed in a concise and easily adoptable way.

The experience of the companies we have worked with so far shows that this approach has helped the development of employees and represents support for the continuous learning process in the company.

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Webinar packages

Depending on the needs of the company, we can realize webinars through packages:

Inspiration week
5 webinars spread over one week
Organize a learning spree - give all employees access to selected topics during one week dedicated to learning and development in your company
Inspiration through time
6 webinars with access to follow-up materials
H2 dedicated to learning - for 6 months, with one webinar per month, provide employees with continuous inspiration and contact with current topics

The duration of the individual webinar is 50 minutes + 10 minutes dedicated to the questions of the participants.

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Webinar topics


Some of the topics of the webinars are:


…and everything else that is a trending topic in your company!

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Package prices

Complete your employees’ development plans. For support in creating the right package of topics for your company, contact us at

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Participant experiences

A short, clear and concise presentation that retains attention.

The given examples and tricks can be used in everyday life.

Great trainer, way of presentation and combination of materials used.

It is surprising to me what a good presenter can convey in an hour.

Great webinar, it really inspired me and got me thinking!

Great coach and very useful content!

Content, manner of presentation. Everything was great!

The structure of the webinar where the topic is covered in detail in a short time - the right measure!

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