Awareness and appreciation of generational diversity

It is becoming clearer in organisations today that each of the generations think, talk and behave differently from their fellow peers who come from a different generational group.

The ability to relate to other generations can prove to be like wading through muddy waters, as often our own preferences guide our first instincts on how to relate and this may not often be the best strategy to take.

By beginning to understand more about each generation their proclivities and preferences, enhances our ability to connect and create better working relationships. In turn this makes for a positive
working environment and culture that appreciates generational diversity and contribution.

TMI offers a complete ‘Understanding the Generations’ Learning Suite, comprising further half or full day workshops to further develop skills in communicating and working with the generations,
and extended specialist skills for Managers leading a multi-generational workforce.


  • Appreciate the different generations for their differences
  • Collaborate better with the different generations in their team
  • Increase their productivity through better understanding of the generations
  • Innovate more effectively with the generations in their teams
  • Work more effectively and harmoniously as teams

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