Be part of a winning team

There is a view held by some that teams develop on their own through chance or good luck. This is not the case.

An effective team requires not only good leadership but willingness from every individual team member to wholeheartedly participate. This Teamship programme will provide the opportunity to examine these two essential components.

The concept of Teamship is made up of the behaviours and attitudes required to be part of an effective team. Just as Leadership is what it takes to be a Good Leader, Citizenship is what it takes to be a Good Citizen, Teamship is what it takes to be an effective Team Member.

Being a great team player is an important role we all need to play to ensure everyone is making their best effort to be successful, as well ensuring positive working relations with other members of the team.

This programme brings the concept of Teamship to life, exploring the four clusters of Direction, Skills, Leadership and Ethos, reflecting on how the team currently performs and creating action plans for improvement.


  • Develop better relationships with others in the team and create more opportunities for varied work
  • Better the company image and gain more personal opportunities to learn new skills
  • Run constructive discussions about the team’s goals and how to achieve them
  • Earn recognition for contributing to a positive team culture and working environment

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