Succeed in managing your distribution channel.

Selling through a team or an organisation that is not directly under your control presents special challenges. The key is to have a strategy which generates win/win for both parties. Strategy alone however, is not enough – excellent relationship management is essential.

It begins with selecting and working with channel partners who have clarity about expectations and performance. Then working side-by-side using processes to effectively monitor, manage and measure performance levels.

Learn how to train and motivate your channel team members to achieve outstanding results, by setting performance standards and monitoring results.

Whether you are newly appointed or experienced, this very practical programme gives a wealth of ideas for achieving profitability for your company by enabling your partners to achieve profitability for themselves.



  • Produce business plans that win commitment from your channels – target key elements and present them effectively to your channels
  • Use Key Performance Indicators in channel management to monitor activity and targets
  • Use the right marketing techniques and advise partners on their marketing strategies and activities
  • Implement distributor training programmes that ‘stick’ and deliver results
  • Become a trusted business advisor to your partners

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