Build a high-performing team

Achieve a collective mindset about the vital contribution that Quality plays in team and organisational success.

Quality plays a significant role at work today in helping to reduce waste, maximise the use of available resources, getting people to be smarter in their work and achieve a standard that creates a reputation for confidence, zero defects and satisfaction.

Reaching for the Stars is a simple, yet very powerful programme that challenges team members to think about what level of quality is expected of them and how they will deliver on these expectations.

It is true that the very survival of the organisation is determined by its ability to meet the demands and expectations placed upon it by all of its stakeholders.

This highly participative and engaging 1 day workshop provides a step by step approach to achieving star performance within teams, using numerous Quality tools to identify opportunities
for improvement.


  • Improve team quality to contribute towards the performance standards of the team
  • Clarify everyone’s role in the quality process
  • Make robust success of the team’s contribution and that of the organisation
  • Raise quality awareness around the topic of quality and its practices in the company
  • Feel good for achieving and measuring higher standards of work

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