How to lead a complaint-friendly culture

The deck is stacked against businesses trying to satisfy their customers. Are your customers delighted and eager to return?

Customers expect, at the very least, a satisfactory service. As a result anything that resembles unsatisfactory service stands out. Because it stands out, it is more likely to be remembered and weighed
far more heavily in comparison to everything that went right.

This reality demands that we map out a process across the organisation to handle unhappy customers and pay attention to what we can learn from customers who are dissatisfied.

We can work at satisfying customers through the purchasing process, but research tells us over and over again that it is our post-sales service people who create the greatest degree of engagement and
loyalty amongst our customers.

This highly interactive course will help you build knowledge and skills to strategise and build the viable and sustainable complaint-friendly culture.


  • Identify the core parameters of being a complaint-friendly organisation and design a service recovery strategy
  • Set goals for a service recovery approach
  • Define the customer experience and investigate current business practice
  • Build skill and knowledge in the team/organisation to implement the strategy

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