Develop and lead a highly motivated team.

All companies need to develop top quality first line managers. Often people find themselves a ‘manager by default’, trying to get results through people and learning by experience.

Giving any manager the opportunity to learn the essentials means they don’t flounder when they begin their role as a manager and instead flourish as they make their best contribution towards success for themselves, their team and the organisation.

Successful team leaders achieve their objectives by developing and inspiring team members to have confidence in themselves and in each other.

This fundamental management training course accelerates the development of first-line managers and new managers, equipping them with the right skills to communicate effectively, influence people, build and motivate their teams, problem-solve and handle performance issues.




  • Use your managerial authority appropriately – get the best results from your people and adapt your style to suit different team members
  • Improve your communication skills – develop your ability to listen effectively and express your message clearly and concisely
  • Pre-empt potential problems and deal with them quickly and effectively
  • Achieve the company’s objectives through the performance of the team
  • Fulfil the responsibilities of a team leader/manager
  • Motivate, direct and develop the performance of your team
  • Perform as a professional member of the management team

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