Skills and confidence for sound business decision making

Clarity leads to better decisions, which leads to better outcomes. When you know how to approach problems, you tend to be more successful at solving them. W. Edward Deming is quoted as saying “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion!”

By using a proven problem solving and decision making process and becoming proficient with the techniques that support it, a higher level understanding of how you make the best decision and the impact of those decisions is developed.

Quality decision making that achieves the best result for your business and takes into account potential consequences on results, costs, time and relationships enhances your reputation as a leader. People involved in, or affected by, the decision being made will feel more confident that the right decision has been made and/or understand and connect to the rationale behind it.


  • Improve decision quality through a solid decision-making process
  • Apply Deming’s PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle
  • Recognise and prepare for the consequences that result from decisions made
  • Prioritise a decision’s urgency, value to the people and the business
  • Acknowledge when to involve others in the decision-making process

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