Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Customer loyalty happens when organisations work hard to deliver a dynamic and different experience for their customers.

Research supports the notion that companies who deliver great customer experiences grow revenues by between 4%–8%. Loyal customers stay longer and make recommendations to their friends. As a result, the research goes on to say, these promoters have a lifetime value that can reach 6 to 14 times that of detractors, depending on the industry.

Leading a dynamic CX culture resides at the heart of what leaders running sustainably successful companies do. They constantly challenge the status quo that fractures the customer-centric culture process. All to make the customer experience easy, compelling, accessible and wrapped around the customers image of what the brand stands for in meeting their expectations and needs.

This one day highly interactive course with trainer led presentations, discussions, group work and focussing on work based/company situations, will equip you to strategize and lead a customer-centric culture.


  • Access research and explore insights about leading and managing the customer experience
  • Create clarity about the requirements for building and sustaining a customer-centric culture
  • Become familiar with tools to evaluate and improve the customer experience at all touchpoints
  • Learn from companies who have successfully developed a sustainable customer-centric culture
  • Learn the processes and tools required for strategising and leading a dynamic CX culture

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