Uplift your well-being

In todays world of work it is not so much about connecting, it’s more about the ability to Mindfully disconnect. Mindfulness is a powerful tool – anyone can learn the techniques and benefit from the practice, both in work and in life.

Instead of just looking… observing.

Instead of just thinking… feeling.

Instead of just eating… tasting.

Instead of just existing… living!

Through the practice of Mindfulness, an increased awareness of your inner being is obtained and an enhanced ability to detect changes as they occur is developed when in a Mindful state.

Rigorous studies conducted over the past 15 years, replicated in different countries show that 8 weeks of daily practice of two 15-minute sessions of Mindfulness are sufficient for statistically significant increases in indicators of physical and mental health and well-being.

An Introduction to Mindfulness is the first workshop within TMI’s Mindfulness learning suite. Participants can extend their understanding, practice and benefits through 5 additional
mindful workshops including Increasing EI through Mindfulness, Mindful Time Management, Mindfulness at work, Working in a Mindful team and Soulful Leadership.


  • Recognise how Mindfulness increases the ability to enhance awareness of the body
  • Understand how Mindfulness strengthens the immune system
  • Learn how Mindfulness increases emotional control and how it stimulates creativity and positive thinking
  • Practice the basic skills and practice of Mindfulness in a variety of contexts
  • Improve how you relate to others

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