Boost your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been the subject of a great deal of discussion in organisations as it is recognised that EI/EQ – or as TMI term it ‘Heart Work’, provides a fundamental building block for individuals and teams to be successful.

A great deal of evidence indicates that people with good emotional and social capability, who know and understand their feelings well, are in control of them and can relate to other people’s feelings and deal with them effectively have an advantage in most aspects of their personal and professional life.

This course explains and explores the 5 areas of Inter and Intra – personal skills and the 15 components that they cover.

Individuals are encouraged to complete the TMI Personal EQ Profile – an online tool accessible to Heart Work participants for completion prior to attending the learning experience. The results of the profile add depth and substance to each individual’s learning, by identifiying EQ strengths and development areas in advance.


  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and how it works
  • Identify and measure personal EQ strengths and areas for development
  • Practice using skills that enable you to recognise and validate your emotions
  • Learn techniques and development processes to manage and effectively deal with unhelpful emotions in self and in others

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