Recognise benefits of coaching in your managerial practice.

Successful organisations recognise that speed, whether it be of change, of information, the way customers want solutions, technology and social media or the way they need to conduct their business to remain competitive is making huge demands on their people and their performance.

Performance management is only one side of the coin, organisations are now recognising that their internal coaching processes are a vital adjunct to their existing people management systems and processes. New models and processes are needed to sustain successs.
Effective coaching answer this need.

This programme explains what this methodology is, how it works and how it can be used as a positive and permanent feature for sustaining business growth and success.

In today’s world of work, people are required to think more and more about what they do, so conversations that stimulate and improve our thinking are essential.

Resources are becoming scarcer. The only resource that is unlimited is people’s imagination and intellect. So we need to focus on these traits and adapt our people practices accordingly if we are to grow sustainably.

Coaching is about facilitating self-directed learning and development. This programme builds and improves upon the fundamental skills that people require to become great coaches and aids the development of themselves and others.

The coach does not necessarily have to have specific expertise in the area of influence of the
person they are coaching, indeed this can often be an advantage.

Building on the transferred skills of people in the business ensures a richness of dialogue that enables people to achieve results through regular and positive coaching conversations.

This intermediate programme progresses the use of the 4 coaching skills and builds confidence in those who focus on, and commit to, quality coaching for the performance development of others.

In any skill development process, first-hand experience, practice and time can dramatically help to intensify the ability and skills required to coach different people in a way that gets the best from an individual.

Participants for this programme will have previously attended both the Awareness and Fundamentals programmes, ensuring adequate time for implementation and practice of their basic coaching skills in the workplace. This workshop is designed to extend coaching capability to the next level.

Being able to excel in a skill you are passionate about is extremely rewarding. When you see the impact on the achievements of others, attained through your positive coaching conversations, this has a direct correlation on your own sense of well-being and value.

The advanced skill set of an expert coach makes a significant contribution to the development of
others and the performance improvement within your organisation. The ability to work at any level, with any person in the business to secure its success and sustainability, means
your own contribution is crucial to the team and the organisation.


  • Explore this coaching suite of courses
  • Explain why coaching is being introduced
  • Formulate how the coaching process works
  • Improve the skills of using the GROW model
  • Experience the benefits of coaching at work
  • Recognise the many daily opportunities for coaching

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