Fortify your brain

Accessibility, volume and quality of new information available to us today is enormous – meaning that we are constantly challenged to think differently about problems and possibilities for which we can no longer use yesterday’s ideas, techniques and solutions.

The continuous advances in technology and Social Media enable us to access, process and communicate at ever greater speed. As the world and the demands made on us increase in pace and complexity, our tools need to get smarter and sharper!

TMI’s Brain Power programme is a workout for the brain!

It aims to explore and develop creative and innovative thinking skills, considered a key factor in personal and organisational success.

The programme also equips learners with skills and techniques to improve memory, and the speed information is absorbed and processed, key for developing decision making and problem solving skills.


  • Improve the ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Increase the speed to read and digest information
  • Enhance the way to generate, structure and organise thoughts and ideas
  • Expand the information retained
  • Enrich long term memory

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