Adapt your style for effective working relationships

The ability to collaborate effectively with others is a core competency for everyone in an organisation, regardless of the role they perform or the responsibilities they bear.

This learning suite provides valuable insights into human behaviour. The associated behaviours people use, often reveal with cognisance, how to take steps to be more effective, improve team spirit, removing conflict, frustration and angst from any team dynamic.

By learning about how we behave through an easy to understand style analysis we gain an insight into people’s needs and expectations. Conversely this helps us determine what we need to do to consciously adapt our own behaviour to make a positive impact on others Рbuilding credibility, trust and advocacy in the process.

This is a thought-provoking series of workshops that include a profile assessment and report, engaging discussions, practical exercises, group and individual work, all based on real-life applications.


  • Create more productive working relationships
  • Consciously adapt behaviour to reduce conflict and frustration when relating to others
  • Develop trust and affiliation with people who use different behavioural styles
  • Identify how to use behavioural styles using proven and practical techniques and tools
  • Develop an immediately applicable personal action plan for further improvement

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