Embrace the change with comfort

Different individuals react differently to change and the behaviour may vary.

Change is usually not welcomed by everyone. Sometimes the benefits of change may not be immediately apparent, or people have difficulty implementing changes into their existing reality.

When a changes is perceived to take people far from their current position the impact can be stressful and require constant support.

The process people experience when changes are made needs to be explained, recognised and understood for the new reality to be implemented effectively and successfully.

Managing Myself through Change is a thoughtprovoking and engaging workshop, available as a stand-alone learning experience, or as part of a full ‘Accelerating Results through Change’learning

Depending on role and depth of learning, participants can extend their skills through a step-bystep process, complete with tools and techniques to successfully and sensitively lead others through change, initiate change and implement change within their organisation.


  • Implement any change process successfully, based on an understanding on the dynamics of change involved
  • Relate to change on a personal level and assess its impact
  • Recognise reactions to change in practice
  • Manage behaviours and attitudes in a change process
  • Plan individual actions that will help the transition from one phase to another

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