09 Sep
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After this training you will be able to control the course of negotiations, strengthen your position with “intelligent” questions, use psychological and logical “counter-measures” and identify sources of power.


Participants will get an insight into challenges faced by both sides of the negotiating table and learn how to plan and implement a negotiation strategy with a profitable outcome. They will master the structure and order of things in a negotiation process, starting from preparation and conversation, through making an offer and exchanging concessions, to reaching the final agreement.


Everyone who feels responsible for guiding others in times of change and uncertainty.

 Training topics:

  • Applying efficient negotiation structure: plan for the right time to make the next step in negotiation process
  • Controlling progress of negotiations
  • Strengthening position with ‘intelligent’ questions – the best way to obtain and use information
  • Identifying strategies and tactics used by professional buyers (psychological and logical countermeasures)
  • Assessing the impact of concessions and whether the results will still be commercially viable
  • Analysing strength of position, identifying sources of power
  • Applying skills and qualities of a successful negotiator in a role-play exercise
  • Evaluating own strengths and weaknesses and planning to improve the negotiating style


Two 4-hours  VILT session


240 EUR, excl. VAT


Đorđe Milošević, a graduate engineer of organizational sciences, gained experience in companies such as: DHL, Philip Morris, OMV, Telenor, Milšped, Eurogate.

He developed his negotiation skills in sales teams as a member, and later as a team leader and sales director. He used the experience gained by leading multifunctional teams that worked on new projects with companies, that invested in the Serbian economy in various areas and that had needs for integrated logistics services.

Working on these projects, he encountered various challenges that these companies had in our and foreign markets, which resulted in many years of experience that he passes on to his associates through trainings, presentations and specially designed trainings.

Some of the clients that Đorđe worked with are: UniCredit Bank, Atlantic Grupa, Domaća Trgovina, MPC.