Establishing a balance between business and private life in COVID – 19 the reality in which we all live today, can be a very exhausting and very challenging topic for some of us. In addition to constant changes, uncertainty and physical distance, the crisis caused by the pandemic has also brought work from home, which makes it even more difficult to determine the border between different segments of life. Therefore, the goal of this interactive workshop is aimed at developing awareness and knowledge that help us carefully choose priorities to achieve a balance between private and business life, protect our free time and learn how to stay functionally healthy in every possible way.

 Training topics:

  • Defining the balance between work-life polarity
  • How to maintain a balance between personal and business time by carefully prioritizing?
  • Mood swings and elements of functional depression
  • “It’s all in the head” or how the brain works and what it needs on a daily basis
  • Power of appropriate mental attitude (responsible mindset)
  • A practical tool for relieving stress based on neurological research
  • A simple technique for de-escalating conflict in private and business interactions


One 2 hours VILT session


80 EUR, excl. VAT


Petar Kosovac, associate of the Tack TMI training team, corporate coach and coach with rich global business experience, is currently employed by Hyperoptic as a leader development expert. For years, he successfully worked as a Marketing Manager for the launch of new services at Telenor, and since 2013, he has dedicated his career to the development and implementation of various training programs. During his many years of experience, Peter has held trainings for leadership, innovation and presentation in England, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand. His expertise includes the following areas: coaching, leadership and neuroscience, presentation skills, storytelling, innovation, positive impact skills.


Jelena Đurđević is a psychologist and psychotherapist by profession under the supervision of the European Association of Systemic Family Therapists. She is an accredited member of the Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia and a facilitator of the Belgrade Analytical Society, where she works in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. The paper places special emphasis on the phenomenon of resilience and on working with people who have survived certain traumatic experiences.

During the psychotherapeutic process, she combines systemic and psychoanalytic modality with clients, depending on the client’s needs.

She is a permanent consultant to the Tack TMI team and actively works with fellow psychologists to create and specifically tailor programs in the areas of stress management, emotional agility, assertive communication, and related areas of the personal growth and development spectrum.