2 hours


Let’s talk about our feeling, worries and beliefs!


What affects our relationships with others and how do we affect others – are we a source of inspiration for others or a cause for frustration? What helps us get through the day, get through the moment and go today to where we stopped yesterday – in unrest, anger, quarrel, guilt? What keeps us healthy, happy and satisfied as we go through life?

Word for word are individual workshops designed to talk about yourself, your relationships, secrets, fears, worries, conflicts, beliefs and everything that makes us vulnerable human beings during conversations with our experts in the field of counseling and psychotherapy. The structure of the conversation about what is important relies on listening carefully, sharing together and providing advice in accordance with the needs of each person. The goal of these conversations is to focus on taking care of one’s psychological space and understanding the dynamics of relationships and challenges that each phase of life brings with it, both at the individual level and at the level of the community and environment in which we live and work


Everyone who feels responsible for guiding others in times of change and uncertainty.

 Training topics:

  • Understanding the emotions and messages they send us – anxiety, worry, loneliness, guilt, shame, doubt, feelings of inferiority and inadequacy
  • Challenges of adaptation – irrational beliefs, compulsive actions, demands and expectations from oneself and others in the context of constant changes and challenges
  • Self-image (self-awareness: how I see myself vs how others see me) – elements of mature personality, identity, responsibility, values, self-acceptance, motivation, ego strength and self-perception
  • Conflicts and communication – dynamics in family, partnership and interpersonal relationships
  • All conversations are conducted in an atmosphere of trust and without the risk of further sharing of the presented content.


1 hour per  VILT session


  • 80 EUR per session,
  • 200 EUR per 3 session
  • 360 EUR per 6 sessions excl. VAT


Jelena Đurđević  is a psychologist and psychotherapist by profession under the supervision of the European Association of Systemic Family Therapists. She is an accredited member of the Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia and a facilitator of the Belgrade Analytical Society, where she works in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. Her work places special emphasis on the phenomenon of resilience and on working with people who have survived certain traumatic experiences.

During the psychotherapeutic process, she combines systemic and psychoanalytic modality with clients, depending on the client’s needs.

She is a permanent consultant to the Tack TMI team (a Gi Group company) and actively works with fellow psychologists to create and specifically tailor programs in the areas of stress management, emotional agility, assertive communication, and related areas of the personal growth and development spectrum.