Through fun, practical and engaging training, you will see how to create a story, how to gain audience attention and how to stimulate the emotions.


Professor Gardner from the Harvard University underlined something that people have been aware of since antient times – stories create motivation, need, incite action, make complex strategy closer, get us to know a product. For thousands of years people have been listening to stories by the fire, transferring the knowledge in this way. They are a part of our DNA and, as soon as we hear “once upon a time”, we are already interested. If this wasn’t the case, we would all rely on reading the encyclopaedias to get more information, and instead we are reading novels and watching catching TV series.

During a fun, practical and engaging training, the participants will learn to create their own stories and find out what each of them needs to pay attention to when telling them in the business environment. With some theory and lots of practice, they work on adopting a model of creating motivating stores which are ideal to be presented in the business environment.

 Training topics:

  • How to create a story in five steps
  • How to effectively address a product/service you wish to offer with a story (the audience being top management, you team or wider public)
  • How to get started and to get attention of the audience
  • How to provoke the desired emotion/mood in the team, by telling a story
  • What each of the participants needs to pay particular attention to in their own presentation style to make the right effect on the audience


One 2,5 hours VILT session


105 EUR, excl. VAT


Petar Kosovac, a corporate trainer and coach with extensive global business experience, is currently employed by Hyperoptic as a leader development expert.

For years, he successfully worked as a Marketing Manager for the launch of new services at Telenor, and since 2013, he has dedicated his career to the development and implementation of various training programs. During his many years of experience, Petar has held trainings for leadership, innovation and presentation in Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand.

He has worked as a consultant with companies such as: Coca Cola Hellenic, Strauss Doncafe, Atlantic Group, NIS, Titan, Geodis, FCA, IKEA, His expertise includes the following areas: coaching, leadership and neuroscience, presentation skills, storytelling, innovation, positive impact skills.