13 Dec
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This online training will give you better insight into what resilience in sales is, how to deal with failures and crisis and what can be your lifeline in these situations.


A prolonged period of great changes faces us with many challenges. This usually involves increased work load, significant changes at workplace (e.g. working from home), various private responsibilities, along with constantly present uncertainty. All this has additionally exhausted our stress management resources. In addition to genuinely complex and unpleasant circumstances, fatigue, hopelessness and apathy are some of the key risks that have emerged.

This is why resilience (i.e. ability to recover after stressful situations) is a key competence in these days. Resilience is based on the commitment to goals and values, the focus on factors we have influence on, the ability to identify challenges and opportunities even in most demanding or threatening circumstances, the ability to preserve optimism after a series of unfavourable events. During this training, we will focus on exercises that can help you acquire competences which will strengthen your resilience.


Sales workforce

 Training topics:

  • Resilience – basic competencies
  • Purpose and the big picture
  • Optimism based on reality
  • Recognising opportunity
  • Growth mindset


One 2-hour VILT session


105 euro, excl. VAT


Vladimir Borovnica, a specialist in medical psychology and holder of the European certificate for psychotherapy, has been working since 2005 at the Hospital for Psychiatry, KBC “Dr Dragiša Mišović – Dedinje”, where he deals with psychodiagnostics, group and family psychotherapy.

In addition, for the last ten years he has been dealing with the application of experiences from the clinical environment in a business context as a coach, consultant and coach. He is dedicated to working with people and improving their potentials and skills, regardless of the context. Some of the topics he deals with are: stress management, self-confidence and self-motivation, conflict resolution, communication, emotional intelligence and leadership.

His trainings were attended by employees of companies such as: Raiffeisen Bank, NIS, Telenor, Strauss Adriatic, CRH, Titan Cementara, Direct Media, Atlantic Grupa, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, MPC, JTI, Delhaize, Aptiv, Endava, Alpha Bank, Nelt, Sitel, Bambi, Goodwill pharma, Dr. Oetker, Calrlsberg, PSI-CRO and many others.