Strengthen the competencies in designing and conducting impressive presentations to different audience, associates, managers and clients, as well as tools of excellent speakers (voice, body language) and be aware of potential challenges and opportunities of virtual environment.


During this training, participants will improve the knowledge and skills that will be useful to them to give more effective performances and presentations in front of the group. Dealing with all the elements of preparing and conducting a good presentation, participants get practical advice, useful tools and thus a better insight into how to adapt their approach to the audience they represent in order to achieve their presentation goals.

This course has a goal to strengthen the competencies of participants in designing and conducting impressive presentations to different listeners, associates, managers and clients.

 Training topics:

  • Determining the “well-formed goal” of the presentation
  • Structure of the presentation in relation to the type of audience (management meeting or public meeting)
  • Opening up and gaining attention
  • Tools of excellent speakers (voice, body language, words)
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • Effective conclusion
  • Answers to difficult questions
  • Opportunities and challenges of virtual presentation
  • How to encourage participant interaction using the technical capabilities of online platforms (Hypersay, Kahoot…)
  • Analysis of recorded presentations and feedback from participants and trainers


Two 2 hour VILT sessions


170 EUR, excl. VAT


Petar Kosovac, an associate of the Tack TMI training team, corporate coach and coach with rich global business experience, is currently employed by Hyperoptic as a leader development expert. For years, he successfully worked as a Marketing Manager for the launch of new services at Telenor, and since 2013, he has dedicated his career to the development and implementation of various training programs. During his many years of experience, Peter has held trainings for leadership, innovation and presentation in England, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand. His expertise includes the following areas: coaching, leadership and neuroscience, presentation skills, storytelling, innovation, positive impact skills.