Based on practices and researches in the field of psychology, neuroscience and business, this interactive workshop will help you develop knowledge in recognizing and understanding our own and others’ feelings and in responding to them purposefully.


The importance of this topic is particularly evident under the present conditions of great uncertainty and sudden changes, when individuals and teams are expected to display high level of adaptability, psychological resilience and maturity.


The concepts of “agility” and “resilience” are based on a number of skills that allow us to understand our own feelings and to know what to do to avoid falling into the trap of sheer automatic reactions which often don’t do us any good. Experience has shown that these skills lead to better results in the long run, contribute to innovation and creativity and help us create good and productive teams.


Based on good practice and reliable results of research made in the field of psychology, neuroscience and business, this interactive workshop focuses on the development of knowledge and skills allowing us to recognize our own and other people’s feelings, to understand them better and to respond to them appropriately, in order to achieve are goals more easily and to nurture better relationships with those who matter to us.

 Training topics:

  • Self-work as basis for emotional intelligence
  • Understanding link between feelings, thoughts and behaviour
  • Development of founded self-belief: awareness of own strengths to overcome various difficulties
  • Importance of empathy in business environment
  • Ways of manifesting emotions at works and support to better understand and overcome them and to adopt more constructive forms of behaviour


One 2 hour VILT session


105 EUR, excl. VAT


Eva Velimirović has more than 15 years of professional experience. She has been working as a consultant and coach since 2013. By profession she is a psychologist and psychotherapist under supervision. Prior to moving into consulting waters, she worked in several reputable companies from various industries in management positions in human resources.

As a long-term associate of Tack TMI (a Gi Group company), she leads and develops trainings in the field of her expertise and professional experience, such as: emotional intelligent leadership, personal efficiency, stress management, development of leaders and leaders, presentation skills, human side quality, training for trainers and the like. Eva has collaborated with companies from various industries, such as: NIS, Vip Mobile, Coca-Cola HBC, Atlantic Grupa, Nestle, Strauss Adriatic, Norma Grupa, Nelt, Grundfos, Media House, Schneider Electric, Dr. Oetker, CooperTire, Delhaize, Domestic Trade, Endava, Ikea, STIHL, Ubisoft, Nortal, Titan, Ardagh, Pioniri, Porto Montenegro, Portonovi, Lovćen Osiguranje, Wiener Stadische Osiguranje and many others.