1 hour



This workshop aims to introduce main aspects of functional family relations and offer parents relevant advice and recommendations to help them through periods of uncertainty and change. It is devised to encourage participant interaction and exchange of experience. Together we will look into the creative potential of parenting as well as its everyday challenges in different life stages of a family and in times of crisis.

 Training topics:

  • Parenting styles and family life stages
  • Family projection and transaction – child’s emotional stability and parent care
  • Playing a role in a family system – adult, child, parent
  • Functional family system and how to build it – limits, time, routine, rituals and rules
  • Tolerance to uncertainty and how to increase it – practical advice and recommendations


One 1 hours VILT session


60 EUR, excl. VAT


Jelena Đurđević is a psychologist and psychotherapist by profession under the supervision of the European Association of Systemic Family Therapists. She is an accredited member of the Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia and a facilitator of the Belgrade Analytical Society, where she works in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. Her work places special emphasis on the phenomenon of resilience and on working with people who have survived certain traumatic experiences. During the psychotherapeutic process, she combines systemic and psychoanalytic modality with clients, depending on the client’s needs. She is a permanent consultant to the Tack TMI team and actively works with fellow psychologists to create and specifically tailor programs in the areas of stress management, emotional agility, assertive communication, and related areas of the personal growth and development spectrum.

Žarko Ivanović is a certified coach and psychotherapist in the field of Transactional Analysis. He is a member of the European and International Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA and ITAA). In addition to private therapeutic practice and coaching, he is actively involved in creating HR strategies, developing potential for middle and top management and training for business clients. In his work, he combines transactional techniques of growth and change with elements of business coaching. In the company Mercator-CG, which has 1,500 employees, he was the head of the Human Resources Department and has extensive experience in the field of communications. His trainings are characterized by an abundance of dynamics, interactive work and finding the most significant potentials of the individual, as well as organizing and strengthening them. As a member of the team of one of the largest companies in the region, but also in private practice, he actively conducted trainings in the field: assertive communication, communication skills, parenting, leadership and delegation, goal leadership, crisis management, corporate culture and business etiquette, feedback , psychology and consumer behavior. He is a certified Thomas trainer, TMI trainer and trainer of the European Union program for human resources development in the Public Administration of the State of Montenegro (VNG International). In his twelve-year coaching career, he created and participated in numerous projects for employee motivation and satisfaction.