01 Oct
3 hours


During the simulation, through the exchange different experiences, interaction, cooperation and healthy competition, participants will experience the most common challenges related to teamwork and cross-sector cooperation and learn to overcome the “we vs they” mindset.


This form of experiential learning allows participants to experiment and see the effects of their decisions through interaction, cooperation and healthy competition, to become aware of personal and team strengths, as well as to map space for improvement. The idea of this simulation is that participants understand the most common challenges related to teamwork and cross-sectoral cooperation, consider the reasons for their appearance, as well as to get to know and then test useful tools to overcome them. Through the simulation, participants represent the interests of countries with different needs in a situation where resources are limited. The key challenges relate to finding ways to overcome the lack of trust, balancing personal and team needs, and achieving ambitious goals, despite existing conflicts and conflicts of interest. At the end of the day, participants have the opportunity to understand how the internal strength and coherence of the organization affects its success, stability and position among other market participants.

 Training topics:

  • Understanding the importance of a collaborative approach
  • Conflict management
  • Self-management and others
  • Listening
  • Negotiation
  • Organizing
  • Peer to peer relationships
  • Focus on the result
  • Understanding others


One 3 hour VILT session


110 EUR, excl. VAT


Filip Pećanac is a trainer and facilitator at Tack TMI (a Gi Group company) since 2017 and he actively conducts trainings and team buildings in the field of effective communication and conflict resolution within the team, team efficiency, change management and problem solving, understanding and adoption of company values, personal responsibility and initiatives.

In working with clients, Filip successfully implements workshops specifically tailored to the needs of participants. His workshops are rated with a high degree of customer satisfaction and encourage the revival of company values, motivation and synergy within the team.