Along with advantages potentially offered by working in current circumstances, many teams are also facing various challenges which mainly involve lower degree of interaction between colleagues and lack of opportunity for informal communication, making it difficult to maintain and build relationships within the team. All these factors may significantly affect the connection and motivation of the team members, as well as the stability and efficiency of the whole team.

Learning through experience, the participants of the simulation will become aware of and understand specific behaviours within their team, identify the strengths and map room for improvement. During the simulation, through experience sharing, interaction, cooperation and healthy competition, the participants will experience the most common challenges related to teamwork and intersectoral collaboration, consider the reasons they emerge, and propose how to overcome them.

During an interactive and engaging activity, the participants will represent the interests of different countries with regard to their needs for limited resources. Key challenges are related to finding ways for obtaining the best result, while overcoming various challenges.

 Training topics:

  • Trust as the basis of teamwork
  • Importance of focusing on the big picture
  • Overcoming “us vs. them” mindset
  • Understanding the needs of the other side, while focusing on the solution
  • Managing disputes and conflicts of interest
  • Benefits of effective and timely communication


One 4 hour VILT session


150 EUR, excl. VAT


Filip Pećanac

Filip is a certified TMI trainer, a certified Silega Business Simulation facilitator and a certified Thomas PPA expert.

As a trainer and facilitator in the Gi Group, since 2017 he has been actively conducting trainings and teambuildings in the field of:

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution within the team
  • Team efficiency
  • Change management and problem solving
  • Understanding and adopting company values
  • Personal responsibilities

In working with clients, Filip successfully implements workshops specifically tailored to the needs of participants. His workshops have been evaluated with a high degree of customer satisfaction and encourage the improvement of team efficiency, the revival of company values, motivation and synergy within the team.

Philip’s portfolio includes cooperation with companies such as: Coca Cola, NIS, Nelt, Philip Morris International, VIP Mobile, Strauss Adriatic, Dr. Oetker, Siemens, SBT, Telesign, Mylan, Tigar Tires, Carlsberg, Erste Bank, Kuehne + Nagel, Henkel, Catena Media, Orbico Group, Actavis, Pharma Swiss, Norma Group, Nestle, Unicredit.