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A need for support, sense of belonging and other people we believe in is a basic and inherent human need. Surveys show that the quality of our relations with others is the predictor of happiness in life. If we look at the professional aspect of life, we find a similar phenomenon. In other words, teams consist of different people and the diversity is their main advantage (synergy) and the main risk zone.  Different team efficiency models provide different explanations, however in all major models trust is a key factor. Furthermore, trust is a key prerequisite for almost all other factors (e.g. common goal, open communication…) Finally, no matter how experienced professional team members are, mutual trust can always be improved.


 Training topics:

  • Need for relations, emotional connection, sense of belonging
  • Safe emotional connection (what are the basic elements of quality relations, i.e. relations based on trust)
  • Relations based on trust, risk and vulnerability
  • Destructive patterns of fellowship and relations
  • How to fix broken relations?
  • Organizational justice (perception of fairness of relations within the organisation) is a key predictor of the commitment to work which goes the beyond immediate description of work and responsibilities.



One 1 hour VILT session


60 EUR, excl. VAT


Vladimir Borovnica

Vladimir Borovnica, a specialist in medical psychology and holder of the European certificate for psychotherapy, has been working since 2005 at the Hospital for Psychiatry, KBC “Dr Dragiša Mišović – Dedinje”, where he deals with psychodiagnostics, group and family psychotherapy.

In addition, for the last ten years he has been dealing with the application of experiences from the clinical environment in a business context as a coach, consultant and coach. He is dedicated to working with people and improving their potentials and skills, regardless of the context. Some of the topics he deals with are: stress management, self-confidence and self-motivation, conflict resolution, communication, emotional intelligence and leadership.

His trainings were attended by employees of companies such as: Raiffeisen Bank, NIS, Telenor, Strauss Adriatic, CRH, Titan Cementara, Direct Media, Atlantic Grupa, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, MPC, JTI, Delhaize, Aptiv, Endava, Alpha Bank, Nelt, Sitel, Bambi, Goodwill pharma, Dr. Oetker, Calrlsberg, PSI-CRO and many others.