The word “flexibility” technically means the ability to bend without cracking!

Flexibility is a common term today in a business context. Managers use the word flexibility in assessing their employees in the performance plan, wanting to emphasize that the employee is not ready to adapt to different circumstances, principles and decisions. On the other hand, team members often describe their manager with the sentence “He / she is not flexible”, believing that there is no hearing when it comes to the needs, resources, ideas, goals, capabilities of a team. Being flexible means living in the real world, weighing between correct and incorrect information, understanding others and coming to the right solutions and decisions through facts.

The goal of the training is to jointly explore techniques and tools for understanding circumstances from different perspectives in order to more easily adapt to everyday changes.

 Training topics:

  • How to spot and bridge the thinking gap
  • How to define priorities and avoid exaggerating their impact
  • How to control our instinct of urgency
  • How to observe a thing from position 360⁰


One 2 hours VILT session


80 EUR, excl. VAT


Boris Bočvarski, Tack TMI external trainer and permanent member of the Generali Academy training team, has been developing and conducting trainings on topics such as: time management, project management, analytical thinking and decision-making, risk management, change management, team facilitation, performance management and feedback. In his work so far, he has created several trainings and training curricula, as well as programs for the development of managers within the company Generali osiguranje.

Boris’s coaching work and trainings are based on many years of work as a project manager and consultant in the design, implementation and monitoring of projects. He further improved his managerial experience as a portfolio manager of the international SOS Children’s Villages Foundation, where he was responsible for providing financial resources through project applications, communication with investors and monitoring of all projects within the organization.