22 Sep
2 days x 4 hours


This practical work is for HR’s and their role in achieving business results, as well as employee motivation and satisfaction.


The goal of this program is to take full advantage of the importance of HR’s role in achieving business results, as well as employee motivation and satisfaction. Also, the goal is to come up with good ideas and skills development that will mean HR professionals in their business role through discussions and practical work on key concepts and practices of human resource management.

 Training topics:

  • Module I:
    • Introduction to the system of salaries and rewards of employees – basic principles
    • Role and goals of the salary and reward system (C&B function)
    • Total operating profit
    • Internal equality
    • Job evaluation (methods, results and application)
  • Module II:
    • External competitiveness
    • Earnings strategies
    • Comparison with the market
    • Pay grades and salary structure
    • Rewarding employees (3P model, bonus scheme)


Two 4 hour VILT session


120 EUR, excl. VAT

35 EUR, excl. VAT (individual session)


Marko Polovina has been an external consultant of Tack TMI (part of the Gi Group company) since 2016  and a trainer in the field of consulting services in the field of compensation and benefits, and is currently employed by IKEA SEE. From 2008 to 2015, Marko was the project manager at Gi Group for research on total income and benefits in the Serbian market, as well as specific research related to the banking sector. Within the consulting team of Gi Group HR Solutions, Marko was in charge of the implementation of various projects, such as job evaluation projects, salary structure projects, projects for the development and implementation of procedures in the field of human resources, as well as training in these areas. .

Marko built his experience through many years of work in various HR areas. At NLB Bank, he worked on projects within recruitment and selection, as well as on the development of new HR procedures, and in the position of HR manager of MPC Holding.